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Accelerated Outreach to Customers Based on ICP Powered by Enriched Data
nodejs, expressjs, angularjs, Solr
NLP, Text mining, Python, Tensorflow
Customer Data Portal
Google Cloud Platform

2X increase in pipeline

140% reduction in time-to-first-contact 

400% increase in conversations with DMs

Our client is a publicly traded multinational company and a leading force in redefining business communications via fully integrated unified communications, contact center solutions, and programmable communications solutions. True to their roots as technology disruptors, technology is a key part of their transformation.  
Problem statement 
Inside sales leadership needed to growing sales pipeline and predictably:
  • Outbound team was falling short of targets by 25%
  • Lack of “actionable insights” for Inside Sales Managers
  • Prospect conversation rate was 40% less than goal
Problem identification  

aimify program managers conducted onsite interviews with senior management, inside sales manager, BDRs to better understand the existing process, technologies used and the pain-points:

  • Lack of a unified view of the prospect's journey and touchpoints

  • Insufficient pipeline of prospect data matching the ICP

  • Lack of insights as to how the individual campaigns, emails, conversations, personas were faring 

  • Lack of an integrated data-flow between the CRM and sales-enablement

  • Low number of conversations with decision makers 

  • Customer Data Portal: Unified data-warehouse between CRM, sales-enablement, prospect data platforms with automated data enrichment

  • Prospect data standardization using Python and NLP based batch processing for

  • Machine learning-based lead scoring engine using existing opportunities from, SDR interactions from, enriched prospect data 

  • Agile prospect build with quick turnaround and feedback mechanisms

  • Communication was key: Marketing data ops get real-time feedback from SDRs via Slack

  • Data analytics and dashboards

  • Accelerated conversations with decision-makers using an assisted dialer - VoiceReach (more than 8 decision makers every hour)

Technologies used 
  • nodejs, expressjs 

  • angularjs 

  • Python, Tensorflow 

  • Riak, Solr 

  • Google Cloud Platform 

  • VoIP 


  • Clearbit 


  • VoiceReach 

  • Customer Data Platform

  • 2X increase in qualified leads 

  • 140% reduction in time-to-first-contact 

  • 400% increase in conversations with DMs

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