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Our Process

Aimify helps create a well-tuned lead gen ecosystem using your existing investments so that your team can spend more time converting prospects. Together, we collaborate to deliver the results marketing stack tools promise. 
1 Deep-dive Requirements
We analyze your existing technology stack and how it maps to your process.
We'll work with you to translate your business goals into technical requirements and create meaningful KPIs for your technology to track long-term value from your investments.
2 Agile Technology Development
We work iteratively & closely with you and your operational staff so we can quickly create a solution that fits your goals, people and company.
You will start seeing positive results within two weeks of kick-off. 
3 Work As One With Your Team
We don't believe in just creating code and creating yet another impediment in adoption. We are only happy when you and your users are happy.
We work not only with management and leaders but also with the ground soldiers ensuring an end-to-end solution.
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